PATHWAYS:  Watercolors 40″ X 26″

A brief stay at a residence in the South of France, inspired a series featuring flowering gardens and intersecting pathways. In this group of transitional paintings, one image grows out of the previous one in some way.

In the lead painting, “Sentinel,” tall cypress trees stand as sentinels back-lit by the setting sun.  As the series develops the trees appear like flames, which are successively pushed out of the picture plane as the path thrusts upward from the bottom.    See the series

STORM SPIRITS:  Watercolors 22″ X 30″

The Storm Spirits series originated from experiencing a powerful storm on a Texas ranch which was located on a site designated as “sacred” by an Indian tribe. In the turbulent night landscape of the Silhouettes, lightning illuminates the sky and casts colorful, inflamed reflections across a body of water.  In the Horizons, the flat horizon line between earth and sky becomes increasingly caught up in and absorbed by a centrifuge of cataclysmic elements.   See the series


The stark and rugged landscape of the desert Southwest provides the framework for this series of watercolors.

The unusual geological forms, the arches and apertures, and canyon walls are interpreted through observation, abstraction and memory.

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Time, water, erosion: sculptors of deep canyons, carvers of arches through stone.

Vistas, cliff facets, rock facades, a tapestry of forms.

See the series.


A selection of paintings suggests waterfalls or being at the edge of water.

The manipulations and gestures of the fluid watercolor medium relate to the ebb and flow of the source imagery in nature.

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Passages represent the exits and entrances, the roads, paths or channels.

This series includes images from entrances at Giverny, to tunnels in Central Park, and to vistas through gazebos to passages through towering natural chasms.

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In the woods are found the stalwart trees, the tangled branches, the expressive blooms.

We witness the various forms from the cycles of growth, decay and regeneration.

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